Hip Hop

Tired of hearing Hip Hop is the "easy class" and "doesn't require technique"? At RUDC Hip hop is our highest praised dance style. We stay true to real Hip Hop. Learning its culture and roots, old school mixed with present day- Our Hip Hop classes will build your confidence, transform the way you move your body..

all while having a lot of fun.  Ages 3 - 18


Our Jazz classes are full of struts and sass! Starting each class with technique practice, and making our way across the floor with jumps, kicks and twists... our playlist will have a wide variety of the decades of Jazz.

       Grades 1 - 12


Classical mixed with modern day music makes our Ballet classes very enjoyable to all. Working on our grace and poise while strengthening our entire bodies.

               Ages 3 - 18

Do you ever wish you were a character from your favorite musical? To act out and dance with character? Now you can! Musical Theater is full of bringing your personality to the stage. With leaps, turns, and so much more. Another great confidence booster for all ages.      Grades 1 - 12

Musical Theater


Contemporary is an excellent form of expression. Our classes comprise of elements of several dace styles, as we connect mind  with body in our movements.    Grades 7 - 12


Moving and grooving to the beat of your own drum, our tap classes never fail to make you smile. With practice of rapid footwork, we rise above the music and create a whole show with just our feet!

              Ages 3 - 18