Meet Dee 

Dee Okoth (Often referred to as: Miss Dee, Miss D, Miss DeeDee, Mrs. O) is the founder and head Instructor of Rise Up Dance Community. Learning dance from a young age and dancing throughout many dance studios in advanced competition teams- her career in teaching began with working at a Non Profit after- school program for African Refugee students, teaching Hip Hop. She greatly enjoys watching her students build confidence within themselves, and helping them find the style and level of dance that makes them happy. Being a Dance Instructor for the past seven years in the Worcester and Greater Boston areas - in May 2021 she officially decided it was time to establish the ideal studio. Having years of experience with multiple dance studios, dance programs, and after schools programs- she has experienced the ins and outs - the pros the cons - and everything in between. Believing the average dance studio is overdue for a change- Dee has implemented these key points into RUDC. Adding Culture and History into her teachings, a community based atmosphere where all ages and levels feel welcome, and the strive to make RUDC the place where EVERYONE has the opportunity to dance. Dee has also traveled globally - Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, and Haiti to name a few, spreading her love of dance as far and wide as she can. To learn even more, send us a message! 


Meet Dennis

Dennis Okoth (Often referred to as Dennis, Denno, Mr. Dennis, Mr. O) is a huge help with the behind the scenes of RUDC. Involved with our studio Advertising, Rentals, and so much more. Originally from Nairobi Kenya, where he then embarked to West Virginia playing Tennis at the University of Charleston. Residing in Massachusetts as a Tennis Coach for over 6 years now, he greatly enjoys working with children and adults to help them reach their fullest potential. Dennis' favorite style of dance is Hip Hop. Make sure to ask him to bust a move if you see him in the studio! And if you haven't caught on, Dennis is Miss Dee's husband! He looks forward to occasionally dropping in to see our hard work, and cheering you on from the front row at our end of year recital.


Meet Kim

Kim Bagley (Often referred to as Kim, Miss Kim, Mrs. B) is a big part of the behind the scenes at RUDC. She will be in the Office on Tuesdays - and cannot wait to meet you all. Originally from Council Bluffs Iowa, she has lived in Massachusetts for the majority of her life. She enjoys spending time with her family, her cat Zoey, and being a board member for the Upton Bloomer Girls - a non profit organization helping those in need. Her favorite style of dance is tap. Miss Dee is fortunate to call Kim her mother!