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Meet Dee! 

Dee Okoth (Often referred to as: Miss Dee, Miss D, Miss DeeDee, Mrs. O) is the founder and head Instructor of Rise Up Dance Community. Learning dance from a young age- her career in teaching began with working at a Non Profit after- school program for African Refugee students, teaching Hip Hop. She greatly enjoys watching her students build confidence within themselves, and helping them find the style and level of dance that makes them happy. Being a Dance Instructor for the past 10 years in the Worcester and Greater Boston areas - in May 2021 she officially decided it was time to establish the ideal studio. Having years of experience with multiple dance studios, dance programs, and after schools programs- she has experienced the ins and outs - the pros the cons - and everything in between. Believing the average dance studio is overdue for a change- Dee has implemented these key points into RUDC. Adding Culture and History into her teachings, a community based atmosphere where all ages and levels feel welcome, and the strive to make RUDC the place where everyone has the opportunity to dance. Dee has also traveled globally - Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, and Haiti to name a few, spreading her love of dance as far and wide as she can. To learn even more, send us a message! 

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Meet Dennis!

Mr. Dennis is a big help behind the scenes of RUDC. With everything from helping out at the studio and events, to popping into Hip Hop classes for a game, or being Santa at our Winter Showcase.. he can do it all. Originally from Nairobi Kenya, Dennis has lived in Massachusetts for many years as a Tennis Coach. Did you know? Mr. Dennis and Miss Dee got married in 2020!


Meet Ria!

Ria is our Saturday Assistant for all ages 3 through 5 classes!

Now in her Senior year of Highschool, she is back for her second season with us!

As a child, she took Bollywood dance classes, and since has enjoyed learning other styles of dance.  Ria loves working with children, and hopes that every RUDC student can learn to share her love and passion for dancing. Motto: Keep on smiling.

Preferred Assistant name: "Miss Ria"


Meet Julia!

Julia is one of our 8th grade dancers, who is now an Assistant! Julia is full of positivity and is a great addition to our Crew. Catch her assisting our Tuesday ages 3 through 5 students! Fun facts, she likes the color purple, likes to act in her schools plays.

Preferred Assistant name: 'Miss Julia"


Meet Zianna!

Zianna is one of our Assistants for age 3 through 5 students! Working at a local Daycare, Zianna enjoys working with children and is excited to bring her expereince to RUDC. Fun facts, she like biology, enjoys going on walks, and likes rainbow goldfish!

Preferred Assistant name: "Zianna"


Meet Sammy!

Sammy is one of our High School dancers, who is also an Assistant! You will find Sammy in the studio throughout the week, always with the biggest smil.e. Fun facts about her: Started dancing at 14 years old, has had over 20 pets, and loves to travel. 

Preferred Assistant name: "Sammy"


Meet Marabel!

Marabel has joined us this season as one of our Assistants! Marabel's love of dance and experience working with children drove her to us, and we're so glad she's now part of our Assistant Crew. Fun fact: She is currently learning 2 languages. Ask her which languages they are, next time you see her!

Preferred Assistant name: "Marabel" 

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Meet Ashlyn!

Ashlyn is a jack of all trades here at RUDC! Everything from being a weekly Assistant, to altering Recital costumes, to helping out behind the scenes and at Recital. They have been dancing for 15 years, and love to use everything they've learned, to help RUDC's students grow to be the best dancers they can be.



Meet Kim!

Miss Kim is a part of the behind the scenes of RUDC. Especially known as our "Raffle Queen", she runs our Raffle Table at our Recitals. You may also catch Kim helping run some of our Birthday Parties and events! Her favorite style of dance is Tap, and she greatly looks forward to seeing our dancers perform each year on the big stage with their new skills and amazing costumes.

Meet Nick!

Nick is a part of our behind the scenes at RUDC! Such as being our videographer at every end of season Recital. He always captures the best videos for us to have to remember the special day. We love Nick's humor and he's a great addition to our Crew!

Meet Zoey!

While you most likely will never see Zoey at the studio, she sure is a part of the behind the scenes! Zoey loves getting involved with all the paperwork at the home office set-up, and treats it as her throne. 

Her favorite part of the dance season is when costumes arrive, so she can play in all the boxes.

Zoey is also our Snow Day announcer! 

Keep a lookout for our Instagram and Facebook posts when there's a Snow Day!

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